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July 3, 2012

Survey finds TV Stations Want PR Footage in HD

 A media survey by D S Simon has found that 71% of TV stations want footage in HD 16 x 9. 23% of stations surveyed preferred footage in 16 x 9 standard definition. Only 6% of stations wanted the 4 x 3 standard definition look.

The D S Simon Studio is conveniently located near Penn Station and offers three-cameras, full HD global transmission, green screen capabilities, other production set options and webcast feeds in the highest quality. The studio has recently been used for live webcasts, production of CME videos, infomercial production and Satellite and Internet Media Tours. 
The survey also found that 87% of bloggers and web media preferred to receive footage in the 16 x 9 format and 62% want full HD.

For more information on the 2012 D S Simon Web Influencers survey please email